Friday, April 27, 2012

Artist's Statement:

  I've drifted through life like a rudderless ship, but I'm through with all that. I know what I want, and I'm ready to step forward and claim it. For the first time in my life, I'm prepared to take my place in this world.
  I've never been content with following the crowd. I prefer to set upon a path of my own choosing. I refuse to let the decisions of others dictate my actions. I make my own way. 
  I've never considered myself an artist; still don't as a matter of fact, but my desire to create is undeniable. To deny myself the click of the shutter would be like trying to live without oxygen; simply impossible. 
  I think too much of life is occupied with just going through the motions. We allow ourselves to become desensitized by repetition until blind routine invades our every experience. To this I pose the question; How can we feel, if we barely even notice? If we don't start focusing on more than just the limited field of vision right in front of us, the barrage of imagery that is the information age will leave us effectively blind.
  I use my camera to break through the barriers that people tend to constuct around themselves during the course of their daily lives. I attempt to tear down these walls of insecurity and reveal the true nature of my subject's identity in the hope that I will be able to capture the essence of their personality in a single image.
  If I have to, I will use my lens to grab you by the face , and make you take notice.. My purpose is not to capture the ethereal or the intangible; it is to capture reality. I seek to show you the truth in its purest form; complete and unfiltered, down to every scar and blemish; undeniably beautiful.

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